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Good People Using Good Systems…Think of the Possibilities

Signature Property Management provides a full array of professional apartment and condominium/community association management services. Based in Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri the firm manages nearly 5,000 residential units in 40 communities.

Our Mission is to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for our residents and create value through professional management services for our owner/clients...

The Property Management Approach

By avioding corporate bureacracy and using fundamental "hands-on" approach, the firm is able to:

  • Maximize Income.
  • Minimize fixed as well as variable expense.
  • Maintain the property in good physical condition commensurate with the owner's goals.

It's obvious that when it comes to apartment management, SIGNATURE exhibits the professional credentials, expertise and experience to meet your needs and expectations.


Our leadership and staff members are experienced professionals who have devoted long careers to property management. Over 150 employees have been trained to assure long-term continuity and direction. These are people who know how to manage. Their goal is to provide solutions before there is a problem. Click here for a list of our corporate staff.

Management Strategy
  • MOTIVATE employees to do the very best job possible
  • PROVIDE them with the tools
  • FOCUS on customer service
  • TRAIN supervisors and off-site staff on a continuing basis for long-term success
  • SUPERVISE to maintain rigid standards
  • MARKETING strategies and programs need to be established for each property

Signature has developed proven job qualifications and descriptions as well as employee handbooks, work specifications and contractors scope of work. The linchpin of our success is good people utilizing good systems and includes:

  • General office appearance
  • Employee attitude
  • Accounting and financial systems
  • Training programs, mentoring
  • Supervisors with experience and knowledge
  • System to handle after hour complaints and general emergencies
  • Frequent property inspections