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It is no accident that our properties follow the same successful trend from assumption to affluence. Our standardized operating procedures, business philosophies, professional employees, dedication and hard work are aimed at making each property the best it can be. This applies to Class “A” apartments as well as distressed "turn-around" properties.

These objectives are obtained by:
  • Yield management Systems to maximize rental rates and A.D.R.
  • Continual review of phone, showing, closing, sales techniques and marketing efforts to increase occupancy.
  • Monthly Managers and Maintenance meetings. Including continuing professional education.
  • Incentive/motivated staff bonus programs.
  • Frequent in depth property inspections.
  • Periodic administrative audit.
  • Lowering fixed costs through bulk discount for property insurance, telephone service, and energy audit/conservation and assisting in real estate tax protest.
  • Immediately addressing potential liability issues.
  • Monitoring operating and financial results against owner approved budget.
  • Improving equity value by increasing the bottom line and maintaining maximum physical condition.

Affordable Housing Management and Compliance

The compliance business is difficult at best. Tax compliance management means lots of paperwork, structure and organization. Our procedures and execution make the process less complicated. And our programs successfully ensure the integrity of your tax credits by...

  • Setting up proven file structure- procedures, forms, verifications and certification
  • Training of compliance staff
  • Training in software

Community Associations

Because the continuity of a community association’s management company in light of continuing board and committee turnover, it is imperative that the proper firm is selected. It is obvious that when it comes to association management, Signature exhibits the professional credentials, expertise and experience to meet your association’s expectations.


Whether country clubs or hotels, hospitality management offers its unique challenges. Country Club management may entail working with the club's board, membership as well as staffing and procedural issues. Hotel management means professional systems and includes understanding the unique aspects of front desk, housekeeping and room and banquet sales management. Our combined people resources have the experience and expertise to meet these challenges.


Financial Accounting. Your investment depends on talent and technology. Not only is timely and accurate reporting critical. We believe in full transparency.

  • Your accounting information will be on secure line available to designated board members in real time 24/7. The information includes purchase orders, invoices, service agreements, warranties, etc., all on line
  • Residents may now access their accounts securely to view their current balance.
  • HOA Dues Payment. We now offer residents a choice of ACH, money order, debit/credit card, payment online by e-check, or paper check sent to a lockbox.
  • Today’s multi-family residents and homes association owners require fast response to their service requests. Through our Service Request System, our staff monitors every detail of tenant service resulting in improved owner and resident satisfaction and thus retention and increased property values.


Serving as Court Appointed Receiver and acting as asset manager involving “workouts” and troubled properties is a specialty of Signature Property Management. Our services include consulting, leasing and disposition associated with such “workout” properties. Past workout clients include GMACCM, FDIC, RTC, Mission Bank, and a host of local and regional lenders. Jerry Miller, an attorney has served as receiver in five states. The experience of asset management, property management, leasing and disposition of over $200 million to workout assets cannot be matched in the region.