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Why select Signature Community Management?

For Board Members of Condominiums and Condominium Developers, selecting a community association professional management company can be a daunting task. Buying a condominium home is one of the largest investments that will be made in a lifetime.

To protect that investment, one should feel confident that their community association has the expert professional guidance necessary to operate and manage it's assets effectively. Where should you begin? How can you identify professionals who specialize in community associations?

Start with Professionalism

Your accountant, your stockbroker and even the person who cuts your hair all have professional credentials to provide you with a level of assurance regarding their qualifications. Likewise, your Community Association Management Firm should include those elements.

Professional Credentials

Signature Property Management is a member of the Community Institute (CAI) and the National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers (NBC-CAM). NBC-CAM has developed the national certification program to recognize those individuals who have demonstrated the fundamental knowledge to manage community associations. Several members of our management staff are currently participating in the certification program.


With almost thirty years in the business, SIGNATURE demonstrates the experience needed in today's ever-changing community associations' management.


Financial Accounting. Your investment depends on talent and technology. Not only is timely and accurate reporting critical. We believe in full transparency.

  • Your accounting information will be online, on a secure system, and available to designated board members in real time 24/7. The information includes purchase orders, invoices, service agreements, warranties, etc., all on line
  • Residents may access their accounts securely to view their current balance.
  • HOA Dues Payment. We offer residents a choice of payment methods including money order, debit/credit card, payment online by e-check, or paper check sent to a lockbox.
  • Today‚Äôs multi-family residents and homes association owners require fast response to their service requests. Through our Service Request System, our staff monitors every detail of tenant service resulting in improved owner and resident satisfaction and thus retention and increased property values.


Management firms are retained to:

  • Preserve Assets
  • Maintain Values
  • Establish A Community
  • Provide professional assistance in management and financial matters.

Whether it is 24-hour door attendants, a health club/spa or other amenities, SIGNATURE is experienced in working with homeowner boards to establish the level of service their individual community desires. And when it comes to financial matters, we have the "know how" to determine and set up capital budgeted reserves as well as overseeing the funding and completion of these long-term tasks. Running association meetings is effortless with our procedures and proven systems.

Our Condominium and Community Management Duties Include:
  • Attending and taking minutes at Board meetings
  • Setting up by-law changes, agendas and election of officers
  • Maintaining resident and tenant rosters
  • Preparing required association certificates and other functions involved in unit sales
  • Preparing and maintaining owner information pamphlets
  • Welcome new members
  • Assisting in the production of the Newsletter
  • Preparing and coordinating specifications and proposals such as insurance and major capital projects
  • Hiring, terminating, training, counseling, mentoring, and supervising on-site staff using proven job descriptions and work order specifications
  • Developing and maintaining long range capital and management plans
  • Working with Association's attorney
  • Preparing monthly financial reports and handling payroll administration, including periodic tax filings
  • Maintenance of exterior and interior common areas commensurate with the community's desires

Level of Service

Supplying the appropriate level of service commensurate with community association's desire is critical. The level of service desired must be weighed against budgetary constraints and cost efficiencies. While some Associations may desire door attendants, valet service, receiving department, spa/fitness coordinators and full concierge services, other community associations may want minimum service such as a locked entry, maintenance and housekeeping.